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people who read stories without smut what are you doing go read a real book, like lets be real we all read fanfics because we all want harry in our pants as a uni student or some dark misunderstood guy. stop lying to yourselves


i dont even understand why u sent this to me but i am grateful for it

I can’t stop laughing like…..omg

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#he’s going to murder him by jumping all over his dick (x)


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Harry attends a NHL playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center. - April 22, 2014 

wait harry watched sports?

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Harry Styles-God Only Knows-One Shot →



This is for my lovely friends xmidnighttmemories for being so amazing and kind. And for also being my best tumblr friend!!! Love ya Girlie

Harry was always notorious for getting up before you. You were a fan of sleep. That is sort of putting that lightly. If you woke up before 11 you…


Harry at the Kings game in LA. (4/22)


Niall Horan in Ray Bans [x]


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Give it Up (Niall Horan)

Niall one shotttttttttt

like this is sort of different, and i hope you like it cause it was something I’ve never really written before. dedicated to the wonderful taylormichele1622 for her feeeeels.


Niall almost didn’t believe his eyes. Her beauty was radiating and her eyes danced like the stars in the night sky. She worked for their management company; she was a little intern but she knew what she was doing. She was moving in all the right ways, smiling with the right amount of beauty and sexy, and speaking to some of the other boys with the right amount of candidness.

 Her glances kept shifting towards Niall; biting her lip when he smiled at her before she turned back to her conversation with Zayn. Niall knew he needed to do this right; she was someone who wasn’t going to be caught easily. He needed a game plan.

 “Well hello there,” He said approaching her; he had decided to try his natural charm that everyone said he was born with.

“Hello, you must be Niall,” she grinned slightly holding out her hand.

He reached out and shook it and fuck her skin was soft, “Yeah. You’re-,”

“Y/N,” she nodded, “I noticed you were staring at me.”

“I wouldn’t say staring,” Niall said with dignity…even though he totally was staring.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s quite flattering actually,” she shrugged.

She was so calm about it; why was it like no big deal for her?

I don’t stare, it’s just hard to pass up looking at a beautiful woman when I see one,” Niall mentally high fived him self for that line.

Ah, so he’s a charmer then?” Y/N said with a sense of sarcasm.

I’m said to be a charmer; the ladies love it.”

“Yes the ladies; I’m sure there are so many of them just dying for you to throw cheesy lines at huh?”

Niall shrugged; when he said the line about the ladies he was kidding. She obviously was fishing for something in him to crack and lose his game plan, but he wasn’t going to waiver.

You’re not most ladies are you?” He smirked.

Nope; and believe me Niall,” she said leaning closer and whispering, “I won’t be one of your ‘just another pretty face girls’ okay?”

“Well then,” He grinned tilting his head; she was damn smart and calling him out on everything, “What will you be to me?”

“Hmm?” She said shrugging; and then she left. She just walked away and left Niall with his curiousity.

Was she interested?

Were they bantering, or was she serious?

She consumed his thoughts for the next few days; all he could think about was her face, her eyes, her hair, her fucking soft skin. He had sort of blown it, but he wasn’t about to give up. He wanted her.

Go out with me.”

“And hello to you too,” Y/N laughed one Monday morning. She was organizing some papers in the recording studio and Niall was on a break.

Hi, now go out with me?”

“Is this a question Mr. Horan or a statement?”

“Both. You can’t say no, but I’m asking anyways,” He grinned, feeling proud of himself for creating a new game plan.

What if I say no anyways?”

“You cant!”

“And why not?”

“Because I make the rules to this game, so what will it be?”

Y/N bit her cheek to hide the enormous smile hidden. She shrugged and turned out the door before she could answer him. She knew this would drive him wild, and she knew he would be back.

She was right.

He pestered her for two more weeks to go out with him, but every time he asked she just walked away. Truth be told, Y/N didn’t understand why Niall was so interested in her. But she knew his reputation; sure he was a really really nice guy but she didn’t want to be just a really really nice and stupid girl who gave it up too quickly. She didn’t want to be used, and she kept her distance for that reason. But Niall was quick witted and he didn’t give up. She felt herself grow more and more attached to him every time they spoke. Sometimes when he wasn’t asking her out she enjoyed actually talking to him. She just loved the sound of his voice, and the way his eyes lit up when she spoke to him.

After weeks on end of date propositions, and begging and pleading from Niall Y/N was finding it harder and harder to say no. So she continued to ignore the question hoping it would make it easier than flat out saying no… but it didn’t. Especially on the day of the You & I video shoot.

It was colder than it had been in a while. Everyone was freezing on the pier while the boys shot the video. Y/N was shivering while tending to some things with the crew when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see one of her coworkers holding a blanket and she was confused.

“He told me not to tell you,” the coworker said, “but Niall sent this over for you. He also sent over the jacket I sat on your chair.”

Y/N thanked the coworker and she felt like her heart might burst. He took time out of shooting the video, probably freezing in the process, to make sure she, little Y/N the intern wasn’t cold. She turned to see him standing by Liam, and she gave him a small smile as a ‘thank you’. He returned the smile while motioning for her to put the blanket on herself. She did, and she couldn’t help but blush when she turned around.


About a week later, Y/N was confused. Why exactly was it that she was turning Niall down? He continued to speak to her every day, tell her jokes that made her laugh, and even though she continued to turn him down in her own way, he still wanted to go out with her.

When y’gonna to give it up?” Niall’s voice came from behind Y/N.

She turned to face him and her heart jumped, ‘cause fuck he looked good.

W-What?” she timidly asked.

Come on, when are you going to stop playing this game with me?” he asked softly.

She was playing hard to get. He could see it in her eyes; she did want him – just as much or maybe more than he wanted her, but she wasn’t giving in. All he wanted to do was be around her, taste her kiss, feel her soft skin against his…

Niall, I-,”

“Fuck Y/N I like you so much; what is it I’m doing wrong?”

“Niall why do you even like me?” she asked with her voice shaking from his previous words.

I’ve spent the last little over a month trying to get you to go out with me; and every time we speak it sounds like you like me too.  I know you like me, but you won’t go out with me. Y/N I like you because you give me a rush when I talk to you, you make me feel important and like I’m good at telling stories. When you smile my heart stops,” Niall said stopping for air. I feel the same way Y/N’s subconscious told her, but she tried to push it back.

Come on Y/N, you’re not just another pretty face to me. You’re special, and all I want is to spend time with you, because,” Niall sighed smiling slightly, “Too much of you is never enough.”

Y/N was silent, embellishing the words the beautiful man had just spoken to her.

So, when y’gonna give it up Y/N?” He asked grinning one more time.

Now,” Y/N grinned.

Niall froze; did she just agree to go out with him…?

Does that mean you’ll go out with me…?”

Y/N smiled and shrugged playfully, turning to walk away.

Wait Y/N! You’re confusing me!”

“Yes you big nerd, I’ll go out with you,” She grinned before walking back to the place she was working.

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