As I type this I literally cannot express to you how hard this is. Not because you’re 20 and not because Im upset - it’s hard because  Im so happy you’re in my life and there are NO WORDS that will ever amount to describe how much I love you and appreciate you. You are one of the five people on this planet that I don’t know personally, but you are the sunshine in my world

For a long time I was struggling, and I was lost. Like everyone, i had my issues. I took a walk through the darkness one day and i got lost. it took me so long to return and one day I found you - Harry Styles, you alone with Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam saved my life - you lead me out of the darkness and into a place where I can truly be happy.

20 years ago you were born into this world, and you are so pure and beautiful and amazing… you help those who are sick, less fortunate, and just regular people from all over the world who are dying to meet you. You are the most selfless person Ive ever seen and i will truly never be able to thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Never forget who you are Harry, because no matter what we will always love you - I know i will.

Happy birthday Harry Styles, make it count because YOU DESERVE IT.

(ps if Hendall is your thing then okay i guess i can push past it but like, just want you to be happy.)

Love you more than life Harry .xx happy birthday. <3

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